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Duration : 3 Nights / 4 Days

Destination Covered : Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Patan, Nagarkot, Solukhumbu

Tour Activities : Adventure, Camping, Food and Drink, Trekking, Adventure Sports, Yoga & Meditation, Hiking, Cycling, Horse Riding, Jeep Safari, Heli Skiing, Microlight Flying, Bliss Spa, Monuments & Historical Places, Theme Parks, Sightseeing

Tour Themes : Adventure Tours, Religious & Pilgrimage, Festive & Events, Culture & Heritage, Family & Group Tours, Luxury Tours, Winter Tours, Day & Weekend Tours, Affordable & Budget Tours, Honeymoon & Romantic Tours, Golden Triangle, Monuments & Historical Places, Women Friendly Tours

USD 600

Per Person

* Mentioned prices may vary depending upon date of travel, hotel availability, surge pricing and seasonal rush.

Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan Tour Overview

Trip Highlights
Himalayan Majesty: Nepal is home to the mighty Himalayas, including the world's highest peak, Mount Everest. The stunning mountain ranges, including Annapurna, Langtang, and Makalu, attract adventurers and nature enthusiasts from around the world.
UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Nepal boasts an impressive number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Kathmandu Valley alone houses seven of these sites, including the ancient cities of Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur, which are renowned for their intricately designed temples, palaces, and traditional Newari architecture.
Spiritual Serenity: Nepal is a deeply spiritual country with a rich religious heritage. The birthplace of Lord Buddha, Lumbini, is a significant pilgrimage site for Buddhists. The sacred Hindu temple of Pashupatinath in Kathmandu and the tranquil lakeside town of Pokhara offer serene spiritual experiences.
Adventure Paradise: Nepal is a haven for adventure seekers. Trekking in the Himalayas is a popular activity, with treks like the Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Circuit, and Langtang Valley attracting hikers from around the globe. Additionally, Nepal offers thrilling experiences such as white-water rafting, paragliding, bungee jumping, and jungle safaris in its national parks.
Cultural Diversity: Nepal is a melting pot of diverse ethnic groups and cultures. The country is home to more than 100 ethnic groups, each with its unique traditions, languages, and festivals. From the colorful Holi and Dashain festivals to traditional music, dance, and handicrafts, Nepal's cultural heritage is vibrant and captivating.
Flight Duration: The typical duration of a mountain flight in Nepal is around one hour. This allows passengers to enjoy a comprehensive aerial view of the Himalayas and the iconic peaks.
Wildlife and Nature Conservation: Nepal takes pride in its conservation efforts and is home to several national parks and wildlife reserves. Chitwan National Park and Bardia National Park are renowned for their rich biodiversity, including the rare one-horned rhinoceros, Bengal tigers, elephants, and various bird species.
Warm Hospitality: Nepalese people are known for their warm and friendly nature. Visitors are welcomed with open arms and are treated to genuine hospitality, making their experience in Nepal even more memorable.

The Nepal tour and Travel 4 Days is a travel experience or vacation that involves visiting and exploring the country of Nepal. Nepal, located in South Asia, is known for its stunning landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and majestic Himalayan mountains, including Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world. A Nepal tour typically involves activities such as trekking in the Himalayas, exploring ancient temples and monasteries, experiencing the vibrant culture and traditions of the Nepalese people, and indulging in adventurous activities like paragliding and white-water rafting. It is a popular destination among adventure seekers, nature enthusiasts, and those interested in spiritual and cultural experiences. Whether you're interested in exploring Kathmandu, the capital city, or embarking on a trek to Everest Base Camp, a Nepal tour offers a unique and unforgettable experience in a country renowned for its natural beauty and spiritual significance.

Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan Tour Itinerary

Day 1
Nepal Tour and Travel
It's a beautiful flight into the Kathmandu Valley with views of the Himalayas and terraced valley floor. Upon arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport, one of our representatives will greet you and transport you to your hotel. Depending on your arrival time, you'll have time to explore the city. Thamel Exploration: Spend some time exploring Thamel, the bustling tourist hub of Kathmandu. It's filled with shops selling handicrafts, trekking gear, clothing, and souvenirs. Enjoy live music, vibrant nightlife, and international cuisine in the numerous restaurants and cafes. Local Cuisine: Indulge in Nepali cuisine during your stay. Try traditional dishes like momo (dumplings), dal bhat (rice and lentils), and Newari specialties like chatamari (rice flour crepes). Visit local restaurants or street food stalls to taste the authentic flavors of Nepal.
Day 2
Nepal Tour and Travel
Exploring Kathmandu Durbar Square: Start your sightseeing by visiting Kathmandu Durbar Square, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It's a historic square with ancient temples, palaces, and courtyards. Hire a local guide to learn about the history and significance of the different structures.

Pashupatinath Temple: Visit Pashupatinath Temple, one of the holiest Hindu temples in the world. It's located on the banks of the Bagmati River and is known for its beautiful architecture and religious rituals. Respect the customs and traditions when entering the temple premises.

Boudhanath Stupa: Explore Boudhanath Stupa, another UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the largest stupas in the world. Take a stroll around the stupa, observe Buddhist devotees, and enjoy the serene atmosphere. You can also visit nearby monasteries and shops selling Tibetan crafts.

Swayambhunath Stupa: Make your way to Swayambhunath Stupa, also known as the Monkey Temple. It's located on a hilltop, offering panoramic views of the city. Climb the steps, observe the monkeys, and explore the various shrines and prayer wheels.
Day 3
Nepal Tour and Travel
Mountain flights in Nepal are a popular way to experience the breathtaking beauty of the Himalayas without having to trek through rugged terrain. These flights offer a unique opportunity to witness some of the world's highest peaks, including Mount Everest, up close. The duration of a typical mountain flight in Nepal is around one hour. This duration allows passengers to enjoy a scenic aerial tour of the Himalayas and witness the stunning mountain peaks, including Mount Everest, from a close distance.

Mountain flight in Nepal details?

Here are some additional details about mountain flights in Nepal:

Flight Duration: The typical duration of a mountain flight in Nepal is around one hour. This allows passengers to enjoy a comprehensive aerial view of the Himalayas and the iconic peaks.

Aircraft: Mountain flights in Nepal are conducted using small aircraft, such as Dornier, Beechcraft, or ATR, depending on the airline. These aircraft are designed for optimal visibility, with large windows and comfortable seating arrangements.

Departure Point: Most mountain flights depart from Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, Nepal's capital city.

Flight Schedule: Mountain flights usually take place early in the morning to take advantage of clear weather conditions and better visibility. The exact departure times may vary depending on the airline and the season. It is advisable to check with the airline or your travel agent for the current schedule.

Views and Mountains: During the flight, you'll be treated to panoramic views of the Himalayan mountain range, including some of the world's highest peaks. The highlights typically include Mount Everest, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, Makalu, Cho Oyu, and several other breathtaking mountains.

Weather Conditions: Mountain flights are subject to weather conditions. Flights may be delayed, rescheduled, or canceled due to poor weather, particularly during the monsoon season (June to August) when visibility can be limited. It is recommended to plan your mountain flight during the clear seasons of spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) for the best chances of clear skies.

Window Seat: Each passenger on a mountain flight is usually allocated a window seat to ensure unobstructed views of the mountains and landscapes. This allows for optimal photography opportunities.

Cost: The cost of mountain flights in Nepal can vary depending on the airline, the package, and the time of year. On average, the cost ranges from $225 to $250 per person.

Booking: It is advisable to book your mountain flight in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons, to secure your seat. You can book directly through the airline's website or consult with a local travel agent who can assist you with the arrangements.
Day 4
Nepal Tour and Travel
It's time to say farewell to Nepal. Enjoy your last moments in Kathmandu with breakfast in a café, a city stroll, and/or souvenir shopping. A representative will meet you at your hotel and drive you to the airport for your return flight home. It's good to be at the airport at least 2 hours prior to departure

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  • CP (Room + Breakfast)
  • Hotel
  • Flights
  • Transfers
  • Pickup-Drop
  • Private Cab
  • Private Guide
  • Entry Tickets/Passes
  • Welcome Drink
  • Accommodation
  • Mineral Water
  • Non Veg Meals
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  • Veg & Non Veg Meals
  • Mountain Flight Trip


  • International airfare: The cost of flights to and from Nepal is usually not included in the tour package.
  • Visa fees: Travelers need to obtain a visa to enter Nepal, and the visa fees are not typically included.
  • Travel insurance: It's advisable to have travel insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances during your trip. The cost of travel insurance is usually not included in the tour package.
  • Personal expenses: Expenses such as additional meals, snacks, drinks, souvenirs, and any optional activities not included in the itinerary are generally not covered.
  • Tips:-Tips for your staff.

Payments Terms

  • * 20% Advance Percentage of the total booking amount
  • * Airfare/Transport fare to be paid in full at one time in advance.

Price & Rates

No of pax Age Limit Price per pax (Rs)
No of pax Adult Age Limit Above 12 years Price per pax (Rs) $ 600 / Adult ( With Tax )


City Hotel Name Star Rating
City Kathmandu Hotel Name Hotel Star Rating 3

Cancellation & Refund Policy

  • * Upon cancellation, refund will be made after deducting the Retention Amount.
  • * Retention Amount varies as per the number of days left before your package start date.
  • * Refund will be made within 15 working days from the date of receipt of the cancellation.
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